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permissions & first impressions

First Impressions

Inigo has short styled white hair, and lavender colored eyes. He typically wears a long, white and blue vest with a light blue undershirt, a blue shield strapped to his arm, fingerless blue gloves, a loose belt, and armored boots .  He smiles very often, though most of the time it isn't genuine.

AURAL: JP voice can be heard Here! (audio from fire emblem:if/fates)

OLFACTORY: A layer of flowery perfume to mask the smell of blood and sweat. Yuck.

DEMEANOR: Inigo is usually greeted with a harsh slap to the face after speaking to a lady for hardly a few minutes. He means well, but his flirtatious habits are embarrassing at best. He just can't help but want to tell every woman just how beautiful they are! Inigo tends to be over-dramatic from time to time, and is cheerful and encouraging to all he meets. He wont stop until his conversation partner smiles for him.




RELATIONSHIPS: I'd like to keep romance to a minimum, but if it happens then it happens! (shifty eyes at owain)

MAGICAL INFORMATION: Due to Robin being his father, he has a high affinity to magic, and can use basic elemental magic, as well as dark magic, though he prefers not to. He also has a weakness to Grimleal influence, as he has the blood of  the Fell Dragon, Grima, running through his veins.

OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Do not talk bad about his mother. Ever.


BACKTAGGING: I don't see a problem with it, so I'm a-okay with it!

THREADHOPPING: So long as the other person is okay with threadhopping, then I'm good with it.

OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: I'm fine for the most part, but no incest please!

ANYTHING ELSE?: I get really anxious when rping cuz I have trouble interacting with other people, so please keep that in mind... please be nice... ;-;

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