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Diary of an Aspiring Dancer❀

No tears today. I know it'll be fine, I just have to... try and smile...

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Birthdate:Aug 7

“I will not rest until every woman in the realm swoons at just hearing my name!"

A friendly young man with an embarrassing flirting habit. However, the ladies see his flirting as shallow and seldom bite.
He secretly wants be a dancer. The biggest night owl.

Canon!Inigo Pre-End Game
[JP Inigo (Azur) personality]

Character Information
Name: Inigo
Series: Fire Emblem (Awakening)
Age: Late teens, around 17 or 18
Wields: Swords

Family Info
Mother: Olivia
Father: Robin
Sister: Morgan

Misc Roleplay/Community Info
Main Game: WIP
Other/Casual Games: WIP
Misc Links: WIP

info layout credit to lavaliere!
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